The one mistake you do not want to make.

Let's just put this out there right now. We all do not want to be that bad therapist aka that bad PT. We all like to think that we're not that person. That that could never ever be me. But like...are you sure? How would you really know? One of the absolutely key elements to what makes a residency/fellowship experience unique above all other training forms (clinicals, classroom learning, or proprietary company orientations/training) is the mentorship. A true mentorship calls you out on your shit. And guess what, when you go through a true mentorinship for the first time, it ...
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Welcome to my newest endeavor.

Hey. Thank you for visiting my website. This is, I believe, my 3rd or 4th iteration of re-engineering So for those of you who've been to this website before from the very beginning...thank you for coming back. For those of you new to the site, and you may have found me via Instagram or my Twitter account, welcome! My goal for this website is to share my thoughts and takes on everything and anything on the physical therapy profession. Because I am fortunate to have both Board Certified Specialities in Sports and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, I will be strongly ...
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