Podcast, Episode 1 – Make practice easier with the the perfect subjective examination.


You remember exams in physical therapy school. Those suckers were tough.

Now I don’t condone cheating, but did you ever wonder if you had a cheat sheet during your exams? Or better yet, you were able to have all the answers readily available to you to make life easier?

Now imagine if you had a cheat sheet for your initial evaluation with your patients/clients.

Clinical practice would be pretty easy wouldn’t it?

Well guess what, this cheat sheet is readily available, but you have do the work right from the beginning with your patient/client!

Dig deep into the subjective exam.

The subjective examination allows you to dig deep into your patient/client story and understand the problem from your patient/client’s perspective. You can dig into challenges and emotions your patient/client has been through with their clinical problem. When you uncover these elements, you can better serve them. And more importantly, you can have a laser precision objective examination immediately after. You can create a solution to the patient/client’s problem much easier when you know where to look, what to test, and what not to test.

Yeah, the subjective examination is that important.

Listen in.

Listen in to the first ever podcast episode on what you can do with your subjective examination so you can set up your objective examination with precision.