Hi I’m Dr. Ryan Balmes, physical therapist.

No way was I going to let this about page get written up in third-person. I made this website!

I’m Dr. Ryan Balmes, physical therapist. I love what I do, and I believe all clinicians should enjoy what they do and do it well, really well.

I am a double Gator, earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Kinesiology and Physiology specializing in Exercise Physiology and my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Florida. Go Gators!

Afterwards, I immediately went into residency for orthopedic physical therapy at Shreveport, Louisiana at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center.

And after that because I was a sucker for more training, I went to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a sports fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Therapy for Sports Rehabilitation at MVP Physical Therapy.

Now I practice in Atlanta, Georgia, where I’m working hard living out my dream of my own practice, ENDVR Health.

This website is my desire to live out what I enjoy – mentoring and teaching physical therapy clinical practice.