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Podcast, Episode 1 – Make practice easier with the the perfect subjective examination.

Cheat. You remember exams in physical therapy school. Those suckers were tough. Now I don’t condone cheating, but did you ever wonder if you had a cheat sheet during your exams? Or better yet, you were able to have all the answers readily available to you to make life easier? Now imagine if you had […]

Why are you crying?

No seriously, why? If you don’t know me very well, seeing that question may piss you off. But trust me when I say that I ask this question with no malicious intent. As a new professional (or student), whenever you’re given negative feedback or told that you’re lacking in a certain piece of knowledge, sometimes […]

The one mistake you do not want to make.

Let’s just put this out there right now. We all do not want to be that bad therapist aka that bad PT. We all like to think that we’re not that person. That that could never ever be me. But like…are you sure? How would you really know? One of the absolutely key elements to […]


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